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How the product photography process works

The key points that need to be established are:

Product shot of Longmorn 16 year old Single Malt WhiskyAn introduction

Product Shot of Plastic Drinking Glass for FabPlastic website.

First stage:  Discuss a booking

Second stage:  Online Proofs

Using the project brief established proofs will be provided via the Internet.

Clients can then select shots to be taken to the final stage.

It is important to note that at the proofing stage the products will not be cut-out and brightness and colour will be approximate.

Final stage:  Post Processing

Basic post processing will transform the raw images from the camera into images carefully adjusted for colour and exposure.

This is when cut-outs or ‘isolation is done to create a pure white background and product imperfections are removed.

Natural shadows under products can be retained or removed depending on preference.

Special Processing

Additional processing may be required including:

Packshot of MEOS portable DVD player for We Do Digital. Processed on a white background.MEOS In car multimedia system product shot with simulated screen display and addedd reflection.Meos In car multimedia system product photography including screen simulation and use of SD card slot.